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Launch Your

Launch your podcast with the help of The Blare Group. Whether is 1, 3, or 6 episodes that you want to begin with, we are help to guide you to a successful launch.

Launch Your Show


Launch up to 6 episodes when your podcast drops to listeners


Audio edited by our engineers to remove dead silence, mistakes, and more


Each episode will include show notes written by our team


Simple Portal where you can communicate with us and upload your audio files.

Blare Radio Network

Podcasts That We Launched on Our Network

Podcast Editing


With the Blare Group, editing your podcast episodes can’t be any easier. Simply, log into the Blare Radio Network portal, fill out a quick form about your needs, and upload your episode. 

We will then take care of the rest, and by the rest, we mean remove coughs and sneezes, wiping out dead silence, taking out mistakes, adding in ads, placing your intro and outro, writing show notes, and transcribing the show.



Who said you can’t make money from a podcast? Answer, a liar. 

At the Blare Group, we work on making you money with your show and we don’t want a penny of your profit. Our job is to bring you ad revenue, sponsorships, set up a membership, and whatever we can do to make sure you have a steady stream of cash flow.